Always Get Training Before Operating Any Equipment.

Never ever Use a Machine In case You Are NOT Skilled – Always Get Training Before Operating Any Equipment.
You must attend general safety training and specific training on the machine you intend to use. If you are unfamiliar with a particular tool or instrument, do not make use of it until you are properly trained on the usage. ‘
Never Job Alone – Always Employ “Buddy System. ”
From least two adults must be in the shop when power tools being used. You must get agreement from your Supervisor for off hours and end of the week work if the shop permits off hour work.
Never Use Machine Any time Impaired – Be Sober and Smart.
This includes when you are unwell, too tired, stressed or hurried to work carefully or on medication that could allow you to drowsy.
In no way Start Work If An individual Cannot Do The Job Safely- Just Don’t Do It.
There are limitations to what we can build here, and how safely that can be done it in hurry.
Never Wear Open up Toe Shoes -Use Closed-Toe Shoes in the Go shopping.
Tools, chips and fittings are sharp, and often hot. Shoes will help protect your feet from injury. Leather shoes are preferred when welding.
Never ever Work Without Proper Eye Protection -Always Wear Appropriate Safety Glasses or Glasses When Working or Cleaning Tools.
Prescription glasses with plastic lenses must meet ANSI Standard Z87. one for safety.
Never Work With Loose Hair, Jewelry, etc. -Always Remove or Secure Anything That Could easily get Caught in Moving Machines.
Long hair, necklaces, ties, dangling ID badge, jewelry, loose clothes, watch or Rings, may get captured in tools can move you along resulting in serious injury or dying.
Never Bring Hands Close up to Sharp Objects – Always Keep Your Fingers With a Safe Distance Through Sharp Tools.
Make positive that nothing that you simply do will cause you to be cut.
Never Create a Dusty and Smoky Environment – Dust, Chemicals and Smoke Could be Dangerous to Your Health, so Work in Well-Ventilated Areas, Minimize Contamination and Use Suitable Protective Equipment (PPE).
Guarantee the shop is well ventilated and appropriate PPE is utilized when working with machines.
Never Be Shy To Seek Help -Always Ask
If You’re Unsure About The Safe Operation of any Tool or Virtually any Aspect of employment – Have Shop Staff Check The Tool or Work together with Which You Are New.

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