metal production machinery

Boosting productiveness in metallic and Iron production machinery

requirements for movement control in iron and metallic production machinery are difficult along with the the want for the very best precision, reliability and productiveness, even in harsh environments with excessive temperature. Moog’s forty years of enjoy in the enterprise presents a deep utility expertise this is matched with a proactive method to providing merchandise and solutions that meet the exact requirements of this industry.

Moog gives a extensive variety of hydraulic and electric products and solutions to fulfill an developing variety of some of the most traumatic packages on iron and metal manufacturing machinery. From world-elegance servovalves to sturdy controllers, Moog is a frontrunner in supplying merchandise which might be the maximum reliable to fulfill the wishes of operations that run 24/7.

Our answers may be determined inside the following excessive overall performance programs:

Blast furnace pinnacle gas restoration turbine unit
Electrode role manipulate of steelmaking electric Arc Furnace (EAF)
Tundish slide gate and ladle stage manipulate of non-stop caster
mildew oscillation manipulate of non-stop caster
Peeler arm position, step manage and mandrel in hot metal mill coil and box
CVC, AGC/HGC in hot metal mill finishing
Roll bending and roll transferring in hot metallic mill finishing
Coil handing in down coiler
AGC in plate steel mill
Bar guide in bar steel mill

Our typical services consist of repair, enhancements, and schooling as well asĀ  task research, consulting, primary and specific engineering, on-website installation and commissioning which are available upon request.

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