Mains flow charge and water temperature

It’s additionally feasible that the modern boiler changed into never the best healthy for your own home and might have been mis-sold. Get prices for a brand new boiler now.

Size of your property

Generally, the greater radiators and toilets you have the better the boiler’s output might be.

For instance, inside the case of getting a Combi boiler*, here’s a hard sizing manual:

  • 24-27kW = small house (1-2 bedroom) or flat, up to ten radiators, 1 toilet
  • 28-34kW = medium house (three-four bedroom), up to fifteen radiators, 1-2 toilets
  • 35-42kW = big house (4 or extra bedrooms), up to twenty radiators, 2 or more toilets

*Combi boilers aren’t commonly advocated for large houses with 2 or greater lavatories as they most effective provide a single glide of water that weakens while cut up among stores.

It’s additionally worth noting that an electric powered bathe doesn’t take rely upon the boiler for decent water so doesn’t want to be covered in any calculations.


While Conventional or System boilers take their water deliver from a big warm water cylinder, a Combi is fed immediately from the mains. For this reason, in case you are changing an older machine with a Combi boiler, the scale you want could be inspired by using the flow fee, or pace, of water coming from the mains. You need to make certain the Combi boiler you select is big enough to cope with the amount of water passing via it to be heated.

Current boiler length

Without which means to sound too ‘Goldilocks’ about the entirety, you need to find a boiler this is just right. A boiler this is too small will no longer be able to heat your property accurately or produce sufficient hot water. A boiler this is too big will produce more warmth than you want in order to waste energy, boom your bills and bring pointless emissions. Neither is a amazing manner to live, so how do you locate the answer?

How to calculate the proper size boiler for your property

In general, boilers variety from 24kW to 42kW in size.To get an idea of the size of boiler you need, there are some things to remember.


It’s an awesome concept to recognize the dimensions of your contemporary boiler as a start line but don’t anticipate you want to stick with the identical size going forward. Several matters may also have modified because it was mounted inclusive of the household’s water needs, the level of insulation or the addition of an additional rest room. Or you may have plans for the near destiny which include an increasing own family, a loft conversion or an extension.

If you find your property is often running out of warm water it is able to mean that your contemporary size of boiler is not as much as the challenge and you want to assume larger. However, in case your modern boiler is greater than eight years vintage then it could just be a case of inefficiency rather than a lack of capability.

Selling a Better Mousetrap

Patterson-Kelley, P-K MACH aluminum condensing boilers treated with TGWT’s tannin for extra than 3 years, established at a major medical institution.


Cloutier stated that reputation of purified tannins is developing in the rather-ossified boiler industry. Because the use of everyday tannins is an old technology, a few boiler operators have been gradual to parent the benefits of purified tannins.

“The toughest component is to persuade clients that someone within the boiler world without a doubt has made a breakthrough on the chemical side for the first time in 50 years. The 2nd toughest aspect is to persuade them that our product can defend their equipment even as allowing it to function above the ASME tips.”

Cloutier introduced that once purified tannins are delivered to boiler water, the running upgrades are obvious. The real advantages, but, are hidden in the vessel. “A steam boiler is lots like a submarine. It’s bolted up tight, and the consumer cannot see what is taking place interior,” stated Cloutier. “They must wait 3 to 6 months earlier than they can open the ports and notice the transformation. Hence, customers typically need to put in force the product on a bigger scale.”

TGWT guarantees to buy lower back unused purified tannin if clients aren’t happy. It can even take delivery of fee by using sharing a boiler’s power savings with the customer. “Usually whilst we arrive at that factor, humans prefer to buy the product in place of sharing the financial savings with us. They quickly understand that their financial savings will exceed the value of the product itself,” Cloutier stated.

electrochemical corrosion

The paper reviewed some of the complexities and interactions that arise at metal/water interfaces and discussed specific investigative techniques hired, which include electrochemical corrosion studies and quartz-crystal-microbalance with dissipation monitoring to signify the protecting tannin-based totally layer.

“We have been capable of display that TGWT tannins form a shielding layer that stops aluminum corrosion in a pH range from 7.0 as much as 9.0, i.E., above producers’ specifications (7.Zero to eight.Five). Moreover, corrosion inhibition efficiencies as much as 80 percentage had been acquired for aluminum (pH 7 to 9) and slight metallic (pH 10 to 11). The most excellent pH/corrosion inhibition efficiency of a closed-loop aluminum/mild steel boiler machine, the usage of tannin-primarily based chemistry, might be about nine pH or decrease.”

The paper stated that the TGWT-purified tannins quickly adsorb and attain equilibrium inside approximately 15 minutes. Although all tannin molecules rigidly bind to the metallic surfaces, the amount adsorbed is noticeably pH dependent. “However, between pH 7.0 and 9.0, their adsorption behavior is different than a few traditional tannins. The sensible implications at the corrosion inhibition efficiency ought to be further investigated. Hence, effective tannin molecules ought to be carefully decided on.” Gaudreault’s research is continuing. “I can tell you that we’ve visible even higher outcomes within the laboratory since this paper became offered,” he stated.

TGWT’s purified tannins

TGWT’s purified tannins have been utilized in approximately 50 aluminum boilers up to now. Cloutier said Gaudreault’s white paper both confirmed the coolest results that TGWT has seen within the field and multiplied the clinical understanding of the outcomes of purified tannin in aluminum boilers.


Corrosion inhibition performance as a feature of pH on aluminum (Al 1100) and Mild Steel (C1010) handled with TGWT’s tannin.

Gaudreault, who has a Ph.D. In chemistry, collaborated with researchers at McGill University’s chemical engineering department in Montreal to carry out the studies and to write the medical paper. Cloutier stated that approximately a thousand human beings attended the Association of Water Technologies assembly, and Gaudreault’s work become of such interest that about a 5th of them audited his presentation.

The summary of the paper mentioned, “High-performance condensing boilers employed by way of many hot-water, closed-loops often comprise extensive quantities of aluminum construction additives, and an excellent water remedy era for aluminum protection continues to be challenging to many water treatment agencies. We have to comply with manufacturers’ water specifications in terms of pH and chemistries with a purpose to minimize corrosion quotes on one-of-a-kind alloys inside the structures and additionally make sure the validity of the manufacturer’s guarantee program.”