Line-interactive generation

Off-line UPS //

An off-line UPS feeds the burden from the mains supply when it’s far available. The inverter/converter is generally inactive till a disruption happens, while the battery delivers strength to the inverter, which converts the DC strength returned to AC electricity for the burden.

The drawback is that the time needed to transfer from AC to battery can gift a trouble for a few sensitive device inclusive of computers and servers.


A line-interactive design combines the characteristics of on-line and stale-line designs. The inverter in this layout performs a twin function. Under normal operation, it maintains the battery completely charged. When a power supply failure is detected, the inverter is disconnected from the supply and electricity is provided from the battery via the inverter to the burden.

Similar to an off- line UPS, line-interactive technology is green due to the fact power is generally supplied directly from the line. Heat and stresses are minimised due to the fact the road-interactive UPS delivers only incremental energy, compensating for line voltage sags via the output transformer. Like the on- line UPS, it also gives continuous strength.

However, the road interactive UPS does no longer offer the entire isolation among the road and load this is presented through the online UPS.

The enter converter of a UPS may be very similar to that for the variable velocity pressure discussed above and results in comparable harmonic distortion.

During everyday operation the off-line and line interactive designs draw a incredibly low input modern-day, having handiest to keep the battery charge, however the installation design ought to take account of the impact of the total load current that allows you to drift when getting better from a blackout.

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