These  factors ought to be assessed while looking to decide the preservation model that we ought to practice to an gadget.




Some system are subjected to rules or guidelines by using the Administration. Above all, there are gadget which are dangerous to human beings or the surroundings. The Administration requires the of completion of a sequence of obligations, tests and inspections, and some of them need to be achieved by means of corporations duly authorized to carry them out. These tasks ought to always be incorporated into the Maintenance Plan of the system, something version you decide to use.


Some of the gadget subjected to this type of protection are:



  • Equipment and devices under strain
  • Installation of High and Medium Voltage
  • Cooling Towers
  • Certain lifts: carrier or humans
  • Vehicles
  • Fire Prevention Facilities
  • Storage tanks of sure chemical substances



When we communicate about a expert, we refer to an character or a enterprise specialized in a particular equipment. The specialist can be the equipment producer, importer’s technical carrier, or a organisation that has specialized in a specific type of intervention. As we said, we ought to flip to a specialist when:



  • We do not have sufficient knowledge
  • We do no longer have the important resources


If there are those circumstances, some or all of maintenance work need to be outsourced to specialized companies.



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