Types of protection



Traditionally, five forms of protection have been distinguished, which can be differentiated by using the nature of the obligations that they consist of:

  • Corrective renovation: The set of duties is destined to accurate the defects to be discovered in the different device and which can be communicated to the preservation department by customers of the same gadget.
  • Preventive Maintenance: Its task is to maintain a stage of certain carrier on system, programming the interventions of their vulnerabilities within the maximum opportune time. It is used to be a systematic person, this is, the device is inspected even though it has no longer given any symptoms of having a hassle.
  • Predictive Maintenance: It pursues continuously recognize and document the repute and operational ability of the installations via knowing the values of sure variables,which represent such kingdom and operational ability. To follow this maintenance, it’s miles essential to pick out bodily variables (temperature, vibration, strength consumption, and so on.). Which variant is indicative of troubles that can be acting at the gadget. This upkeep it’s miles the most technical, since it requires advanced technical assets, and at times of strong mathematical, bodily and / or technical information.


  • Zero Hours Maintenance (Overhaul): The set of obligations whose aim is to study the gadget at scheduled durations earlier than performing any failure, either while the reliability of the equipment has reduced extensively so it is risky to make forecasts of manufacturing ability . This review is based totally on leaving the system to zero hours of operation, that is, as though the system were new. These opinions will replace or restore all objects challenge to put on. The purpose is to make sure, with excessive possibility, an amazing running time fixed earlier.

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