Prepayment meters

Smart meters[edit]

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Smart meters cross a step in addition than simple AMR (computerized meter reading). They provide extra capability which includes a actual-time or near actual-time reads, strength outagenotification, and strength satisfactory tracking. They allow fee putting groups to introduce extraordinary costs for intake primarily based at the time of day and the season.

Another type of smart meter uses nonintrusive load tracking to robotically decide the wide variety and kind of home equipment in a house, how a lot energy each uses and whilst. This meter is utilized by electric utilities to do surveys of energy use. It removes the need to place timers on all of the appliances in a residence to decide how a whole lot strength every makes use of.


Prepayment meter and magnetic stripe tokens, from a rented lodging in the UK. The button classified A displays statistics and facts inclusive of modern tariff and final credit score. The button categorised Bactivates a small amount of emergency credit have to the purchaser run out.


A prepayment key

The wellknown commercial enterprise version of strength retailing involves the power employer billing the client for the amount of strength used in the previous month or region. In some countries, if the store believes that the consumer won’t pay the invoice, a prepayment meter can be hooked up. This requires the purchaser to make strengthen charge before strength may be used.[citation needed]If the available credit score is exhausted then the supply of strength is reduce off by using a relay.

In the United Kingdom, mechanical prepayment meters was not unusual in rented lodging. Disadvantages of those blanketed the need for everyday visits to remove coins, and threat of theft of the cash in the meter.

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