Electrolyte analyzers

Electrolyte analyzers use ion-selective electrode (ISE) method wherein measurements of the ion activity in the answer are made potentiometrically the use of an outside reference electrode and an ISE containing an internal reference electrode. Operating steps Whole blood samples are positioned in tubes, on reaction cuvettes, or on take a look at strips, and loaded into the analyzer. The operator may select the tests being accomplished at the sample the usage of a keypad or linked computer. Reported troubles Operators should be aware about the danger of publicity to potentially infectious bloodborne pathogens at some stage in trying out methods and need to use normal precautions, which include wearing gloves, face shields or mask, and robes. Use and renovation User(s): Medical staff Maintenance: Laboratory technician; biomedical or clinical engineer Training: Initial schooling with the aid of producer and manuals Environment of use Settings of use: Hospital, affected person bedside, physician offi ce, clinical laboratory, domestic Requirements: Battery-operated hand-held gadgets do now not have unique settings necessities; benchtop units require line power Product specifi cations Approx. Dimensions (mm): one hundred x three hundred x 400 Approx. Weight (kg): 1-five for hand held devices; 15-25 for benchtop gadgets Consumables: Reagent cartridges or check strips, batteries Price variety (USD): 150 – a hundred sixty five,000 Typical product life time (years): 4-6 Shelf existence (consumables): Reagents: 1-2 years Types and versions Handheld, portable, benchtop Blood Gas/pH/Chemistry Point of Care Analyzer UMDNS GMDN 18853 Analyzers, Point-of-Care, Whole Blood, Gas/pH/ Electrolyte/Metabolite 56661 Blood gas analyser IVD, computerized Other not unusual names: POC Analyzer, blood gasoline analyzer http://www.Who.Int/medical_devices/en/index.Html © Copyright ECRI Institute 2011 (not such as the GMDN code and device call). Reproduced with Permission from ECRI Institute’s Healthcare Product Comparison System. © Copyright GMDN Agency 2011. GMDN codes and device names are reproduced with permission from the GMDN Agency

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