Game tied. Long story brief, LT occurred.

“each person is aware the place we start and where we finish on offense,” Chargers train Marty Schottenheimer mentioned. “it is with him.”

The NFL’s No. 1 scoring risk, the fable football force, did his factor. LT happened. Let’s hold it at that.

Trust me, it’s quite a bit easier than trying to provide an explanation for the action and the elevated officers’ ruling on a pivotal fourth-quarter play that ended in the game-tying rating.

On fourth and two from the Oakland 40-yard line, Rivers threw a cross that was caught through a diving Vincent Jackson for a 13-yard attain. A hyped Jackson hopped up and flipped the ball to the bottom. Obstacle used to be, he hadn’t been touched by means of a defender whilst he used to be down, which means the play was alive.

The officers at the start considered it a fumble recovered through the Raiders. Then they huddled and determined that Jackson had thrown the ball ahead, making it an unlawful forward cross and a 5-yard penalty — which still gave San Diego sufficient yardage for a first down. Enormous wreck for the Chargers, however it took Tomlinson to cash it in.

The Chargers got the ball to Oakland’s 19, where Rivers tossed the ball to Tomlinson, who drew the entire Raiders defenders’ attention. Antonio Gates ran all through himself into the end zone, where Tomlinson located him for the sixth touchdown go of his career.


The next time San Diego bought the ball, LT happened once more.

The Raiders had saved him in verify many of the recreation. Tomlinson’s 2d-quarter landing used to be frequently a byproduct of Antonio Cromartie’s ninety one-yard kickoff return. LT’s longest run within the first three quarters was once eight yards. For many of the afternoon Tomlinson dutifully ran between the tackles for short features.

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