The robotic Bike Co. Story commenced within the past due 1990s when Ed Haythornwaite met  different bike-mad pupils, Ben Farmer and Ben Arnold, at tub college. âWe spent a ways an excessive amount of time using motorcycles,â remembered Ed. âwhen we weren’t the usage of motorcycles, we had been talking about motorcycles and the way they might be made better than something then in the marketplace.â

In 2012, Ben Farmer had the âlightbulb’ second, when he got here up with the muse for the novel layout that robot Bike Co. Is now generating. He took guidelines from his ancient past inside the composites business enterprise and on the planet of additive manufacturing, and came up with the idea of making use of the two carried out sciences to make the âbest’ bike that the pals had pointed out once they had been pupils.

The new layout makes use of a series of carbon fibre-reinforced tubes for the frames, which is probably joined by the use of titanium lugs. This method takes complete abilties of the capabilities of each substances. Carbon fibre-strengthened tubing is good acceptable to smooth hundreds and shapes, even as titanium performs accurate in complicated areas with complex masses.

While Ben Farmer had gained some history in additive production, he knew that he needed absolutely everyone with more in-intensity competencies to supply the assignment to fact.


Most immoderate-finish mountain bikes have frames made from carbon fibre-reinforced resins. Since the frames have were given to be moulded, even likely the most costly mountain bikes are in widespread to be had in best two or three sizes.

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