Waste reduction

EPA’s complete Procurement commands software designates products that are or may also be made with recovered materials, and recommends practices for purchasing these merchandise


EPA’s place of business of strong Waste facilitates projects to decrease, reuse, and recycle waste generated from constructing improvement, preservation, deconstruction, and demolition.EPA’s GreenScapes software program gives cost-effective and environmentally exceptional options for fantastic-scale landscaping which might be designed to useful resource retain herbal assets and prevent waste and pollution.EPA’s Industrial substances Recycling software gives knowledge on howindustrial substances, harking back to coal combustion merchandise, foundry sand, and construction and demolition debris, also can be recycled to fulfill the fabric desires of our building enterprise. Industrial materials will also be recycled in development purposes considering the fact that they have some of the same chemical and physical houses because the virgin materials they trade. In some occasions, they’re capable of even support the super of a product.The Lifecycle building project is a contest soliciting projects, designs and hints that facilitate building disassembly and cloth reuse to scale back waste, power intake, and related greenhouse fuel emissions.

Toxics cut price

EPA’s Design for the environment (DfE) software works with stakeholders to offer EPA’s chemical assessment tools and knowledge to notify substitution to safer chemistries and to enhance great practices. For instance, DfE furnishings Flame Retardancy Partnership is supporting industry detail environmental and human wellbeing concerns into their resolution-making as they decide on chemical flame retardants for fireplace secure furnishings foam. A similarly example is the health, defense, and use information on spray polyurethane foam (SPF) posted on the DfE site to useful resource show and make sure that superb practices are used when SPF is applied

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