Phases ,The breadwinner model

Two events will also be dominant in one of a kind areas. For example, in a friendship or romantic relationship, one person may have powerful opinions about the place to consume dinner, whereas the opposite has powerful opinions about  beautify a shared space. It could be necessary for the occasion with vulnerable preferences to be submissive in that field, due to the fact it’s going to now not make them sad and avoids conflict with the occasion that will be unhappy.

The breadwinner model is related to gender position assignments the place the male in a heterosexual marriage would be dominant in all areas.


Interpersonal relationships are dynamic systems that fluctuate constantly throughout their existence. Like residing organisms, relationships have a starting, a lifespan, and an end. They tend to develop and enhance steadily, as persons get to grasp each other and turn out to be nearer emotionally, or they gradually deteriorate as people go with the flow aside, transfer on with their lives and kind new relationships with others. One of the vital influential models of relationship development used to be proposed through psychologist George Levinger.[6] This model was formulated to describe heterosexual, adult romantic relationships, nevertheless it has been applied to different types of interpersonal relations as well. In line with the mannequin, the traditional development of a relationship follows five phases:

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