A Natural Solution

Dr. Roger Gaudreault, TGWT’s vice chairman of R&D and innovation, presented a white paper at the Association of Water Technologies convention closing fall detailing laboratory checking out that established how purified tannin can efficiently guard closed-loop aluminum vessels.


TGWT, previously known as Servivap Canada Inc., is a Longueuil, Quebec-based company imparting purified tannin products as water treatment additives for steam boilers and hot or bloodless water closed-circuit structures. These additives have eliminated scaling issues for some of organizations, including yarn and pulp & paper plant life (see “Saving Energy via Boiler Water Treatment,” IWW, Jan.-Feb., 2008).

Louis-Philippe Cloutier, co-founder and leader working officer, said that purified tannins had been one of the few predominant advances in boiler water treatments during the last 50 years. Further, he referred to that maximum water remedy companies provide the equal array of chemicals — sulfites, polymers, phosphates, phosphonates, and amines — under one-of-a-kind logo names. Each of these can be powerful for unique applications, however each has its boundaries.

Purified tannins have some of advantages over difficult chemicals. They are renewable, non-poisonous, non- flammable, and biodegradable. In the boiler, they shape a dynamic, homogenous, iron- and/or aluminum-tannate(s) movie defensive the metallic surface from corrosion. Non-purified tannins have been available since the 19th century, however natural impurities have confined their effectiveness. As such, TGWT overcame that technological challenge with its procedure to purify tannins extracted from tree bark.

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