Feedback from the Field

Accordingly, this approach modified the manner the molecules reacted below stress and temperature, improving tannin’s residences as an oxygen scavenger and as a medium for fixing the non-stabilized hardness in water. TGWT has similarly refined its product line for use inside the North American market. Cloutier explained, “In Europe, water is more luxurious, and business customers usually have a better mechanical pretreatment for it.”


Bob Games, president of Klear Water Management of Wheeling, W.Va., is one of 20 TGWT vendors within the United States and is likewise a blender for a number of them. He has seen a hit results in metal boilers during his two-12 months affiliation with the purified tannin merchandise. Games stated 1 / 4-inch of scale had accumulated on one in every of his purchaser’s steam boilers earlier than the tannin treatment. “Within six months, the boilers were nearly clean,” he explained. “A latest inspection has shown them to be down to bare steel now.”

Games brought that another customer determined to apply purified tannin in its new boilers. “Their engineers stated they expected to get eighty two- to eighty five-percent efficiency from the boilers, however considering they fired them up, they have been maintaining 92-percent performance throughout the board,” he stated. “After the product was used for a yr, the local herbal gas distribution employer known as our purchaser. They desired to pop out and check out the meter due to the fact the clients’ herbal fuel utilization had dropped 25 percent.”

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