Mains flow charge and water temperature

It’s additionally feasible that the modern boiler changed into never the best healthy for your own home and might have been mis-sold. Get prices for a brand new boiler now.

Size of your property

Generally, the greater radiators and toilets you have the better the boiler’s output might be.

For instance, inside the case of getting a Combi boiler*, here’s a hard sizing manual:

  • 24-27kW = small house (1-2 bedroom) or flat, up to ten radiators, 1 toilet
  • 28-34kW = medium house (three-four bedroom), up to fifteen radiators, 1-2 toilets
  • 35-42kW = big house (4 or extra bedrooms), up to twenty radiators, 2 or more toilets

*Combi boilers aren’t commonly advocated for large houses with 2 or greater lavatories as they most effective provide a single glide of water that weakens while cut up among stores.

It’s additionally worth noting that an electric powered bathe doesn’t take rely upon the boiler for decent water so doesn’t want to be covered in any calculations.


While Conventional or System boilers take their water deliver from a big warm water cylinder, a Combi is fed immediately from the mains. For this reason, in case you are changing an older machine with a Combi boiler, the scale you want could be inspired by using the flow fee, or pace, of water coming from the mains. You need to make certain the Combi boiler you select is big enough to cope with the amount of water passing via it to be heated.

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