Selling a Better Mousetrap

Patterson-Kelley, P-K MACH aluminum condensing boilers treated with TGWT’s tannin for extra than 3 years, established at a major medical institution.


Cloutier stated that reputation of purified tannins is developing in the rather-ossified boiler industry. Because the use of everyday tannins is an old technology, a few boiler operators have been gradual to parent the benefits of purified tannins.

“The toughest component is to persuade clients that someone within the boiler world without a doubt has made a breakthrough on the chemical side for the first time in 50 years. The 2nd toughest aspect is to persuade them that our product can defend their equipment even as allowing it to function above the ASME tips.”

Cloutier introduced that once purified tannins are delivered to boiler water, the running upgrades are obvious. The real advantages, but, are hidden in the vessel. “A steam boiler is lots like a submarine. It’s bolted up tight, and the consumer cannot see what is taking place interior,” stated Cloutier. “They must wait 3 to 6 months earlier than they can open the ports and notice the transformation. Hence, customers typically need to put in force the product on a bigger scale.”

TGWT guarantees to buy lower back unused purified tannin if clients aren’t happy. It can even take delivery of fee by using sharing a boiler’s power savings with the customer. “Usually whilst we arrive at that factor, humans prefer to buy the product in place of sharing the financial savings with us. They quickly understand that their financial savings will exceed the value of the product itself,” Cloutier stated.

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