TGWT’s purified tannins

TGWT’s purified tannins have been utilized in approximately 50 aluminum boilers up to now. Cloutier said Gaudreault’s white paper both confirmed the coolest results that TGWT has seen within the field and multiplied the clinical understanding of the outcomes of purified tannin in aluminum boilers.


Corrosion inhibition performance as a feature of pH on aluminum (Al 1100) and Mild Steel (C1010) handled with TGWT’s tannin.

Gaudreault, who has a Ph.D. In chemistry, collaborated with researchers at McGill University’s chemical engineering department in Montreal to carry out the studies and to write the medical paper. Cloutier stated that approximately a thousand human beings attended the Association of Water Technologies assembly, and Gaudreault’s work become of such interest that about a 5th of them audited his presentation.

The summary of the paper mentioned, “High-performance condensing boilers employed by way of many hot-water, closed-loops often comprise extensive quantities of aluminum construction additives, and an excellent water remedy era for aluminum protection continues to be challenging to many water treatment agencies. We have to comply with manufacturers’ water specifications in terms of pH and chemistries with a purpose to minimize corrosion quotes on one-of-a-kind alloys inside the structures and additionally make sure the validity of the manufacturer’s guarantee program.”

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