Happier Technicians

The city of fort Wayne, Ind., noticed improvements of some other type: a better working environment for its technicians. The town has two-post lifts for cars, vehicles, SUVs, pick-ups, and smaller devices as much as 12,000 lbs. These are used whilst cars are serviced, inspected, and get hold of exhaust and brake work. “The lifts make it faster and more secure for our technicians to do their paintings,” said Larry Campbell, CPFP, fleet management director. “thanks to the lifts, technicians don’t have to roll round at the ground or be hunched over to paintings on the devices.”

Campbell’s fleet additionally uses cellular column lifts for vans and large system. Those big lifts make it less difficult to work on gadget inclusive of snow elimination vehicles, as having system lifted inside the air allows more room to alternate the beneath-body plow blades. “all the lifts have helped improve our keep’s productivity and safety, and have even progressed the morale of our technicians,” Campbell said. “We invested within the system to make the process less complicated and more secure for the technicians, and that in the end improves their productiveness.”

The metropolis of citadel Wayne’s save also saw advanced conditions because of a revised exhaust system. Before, the shop’s in-floor gadget become in disrepair, so the fleet operated overhead exhaust enthusiasts. While it changed the antique gadget with a functioning in-floor unit with hookups at each bay, a few technicians were skeptical, feeling it’d take too long to connect the hose to the exhaust pipe. However when the climate grew to become cold, they saw a major improvement. “once winter got here, they found out the overhead exhaust lovers had sucked all the warmness out of the building. With the new system, the shop became a lot hotter and extra secure.”

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