At present there are five major shipbuilding centres, namely, Vishakapatnam, Kolkata, Kochi, Mumbai, and Marmagao. They all are in public sector. There are 28 shipyards in the country, 19 of them in the private sector. Hindustan Shipyard Ltd. In 2010-11 the total shipbuilding capacity was estimated at 1164. at Kochi started its commercial production in 1976. e. Cochin Shipyard Ltd. 7 thousand DWT in the private sector amongst the public sector companies Cochin Shippard Ltd possessed the maximum ship building capacity (110 thousands DWT followed by Hindustan Shipyard Ltd. Ship building capacity of unit is defined in terms of the number of ships built and their carrying charring capacity measured in terms of Dead Weight Tonnage Shipbuilding is a large industry which requires huge capital. The dock also undertakes the repair of the ships. About 6 cargo liners, each of 15,000 dead weight tonnes (DWT) are built here every year. 6 thousand DWT in the public sector and 904. for the Indian Navy. The Garden Reach Workshops at Calcutta specialise in manufacturing coasters, harbour crafts, inland transport vessels like tugs, barges, dredgers, etc. It was taken over by Government on 21st Jan. Goa Shipyard undertakes the manufacture of fibre glass boats, trawlers, dredgers and barges. The maximum size of ship that can be constructed at Kochi and Vishkapatnam are 100000 dead weight tonnage (DWT, i. (70 thousand)(DWT). , 1952 and was named as Hindustan Shipyard Ltd. Large ships take years to complete once the work begins. , Vishakhapatnam was set up by M/s Scindia Steam Navigation Company in 1941 and the first ship was launched on 14th March 1948. It has capacity to build vessels upto 85,000 DWT and to repair vessels upto 1, 00,000 DWT. After expansion and modernisation, this workshop is now capable to manufacturing ships varying from 15,000 to 26,000 DWT. In addition to the above mentioned main centres, there are 33 smaller shipyards manufacturing vessels of small size meant for domestic purposes. Private sector shipyards look after the local needs. It can also build ocean-going vessels upto 15,000 DWT. For repair of ships, there are 17 dry docks in the country. 3 thousand DWT comprising of 259. 2,000 crore and it employs 31,000 persons This shipyard has increased its capacity and is capable of producing vessels of 45,000 DWT. Located on the east bank of the Hugli, it has 5 slipways and 2 dry docks. The Mazgaon Dock at Mumbai builds dredgers, dock cranes, cruisers, frigates, etc. The annual turnover of the ship building and ship repair industry is approximately Rs.

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