Penelope Trunk, an entrepreneur and “geek feminist”

The times further said that John O’Sullivan, head of the 4 Seasons Punta Mita, stated no incident had came about in any of the regions of the hotel managed by the organization.

The preliminary shock of Goldberg’s dying, together with an initial dearth of records, led many to invest that perhaps there might have been foul play or a few other clarification apart from he sincerely fell off exercise system that he normally makes use of.

Penelope Trunk, an entrepreneur and “geek feminist” openly wrote in her weblog that she believes Goldberg killed himself:

to begin with, allow me say that I experience definitely bad for absolutely everyone who’s losing Dave Goldberg of their lifestyles. …

I have no evidence that it turned into a suicide. All i’ve is a person brilliant died and no person is pronouncing how. And but Sheryl’s husband died is information, considering she has been information for three years telling women their husband is instrumental into the procedure of Leaning In.

However truely, I simply want to know how Dave died. Due to the fact I think he killed himself.


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