Fixture Row

Locals say that it turned into the development of the Santa Monica freeway that knocked the grace out of the old skool stores lining Washington boulevard between Culver town and downtown l.  A.. Something did it, the strip is so gritty, one can be forgiven for dismissing it as a goner. But that might be a mistake. Among Crenshaw and Normandie Boulevards, particularly, there’s gold in them thar stores.

In reality, make that crystal, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, forged iron, porcelain, marble and butcher’s block. This is a thriving hub of L.A.’s restaurant device alternate.

Maximum of the shops house wholesalers. A few are so rough you enter through sheet-metal works. The owners would possibly ought to put down a welding torch to greet you. However greet you they do, and with a graciousness that clerks in fancier elements of metropolis might do nicely to emulate. They’re knowledgeable, too. They sell critical equipment to critical cooks.

1. A terrific place to start is at the northwest corner of Washington boulevard and third road. Here B&B restaurant and Bakery device has just the right mix of the vintage and new, business and domestic. At the time of writing, a unprecedented discover among big tiers, Hobart mixers, meat slicers and relax shelves was an antique butcher’s block on legs. Charge: $225.

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