Implement Agile Manufacturing

Implement Agile Manufacturing
Here’s a high-level overview of the steps you might take if you are thinking of implementing an agile process.

1. Research

It’s important to fully understand the amount of work you are undertaking, the costs involved and the pros and cons of shifting your organization’s way of doing business. If they’re available and willing to talk, ask other companies how their transition went, what challenges they faced and if they feel the upfront investment was worth it. You also must determine if your current production process can be fully automated to fit the model.

2. Appoint a Task Force

More than likely, the research required to make a decision—as well as quantifying the time needed to implement it—will be a long process, and will further require dedication from a core group of individuals.

Assemble the people you feel are best suited to this kind of work and then give them the time, space and materials to get the job done. Allow them to carve time out of their schedule by shifting job responsibilities around or deprioritizing certain initiatives. Ask for regular updates and provide a reasonable deadline for when you’d like all the information submitted.

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